I began working at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine (LSU SVM) as the Public Relations Graduate Assistant on August 3, 2015. On August 15, 2016, I was promoted to the Public Relations Coordinator and worked there until May 2018 when I left to move to New York City.

In the time that I was there, I assisted the Communications Manager and the Director of Strategic Communication in every department and clinical service the hospital and school have to offer. 

My job responsibilities at the LSU SVM included website management, social media, video production, content creation, event organization, and media relations. Much of my time was focused on improving social media engagement. When I started at the LSU SVM, I increased social media reach by 113 percent, doubled Facebook likes, contributed 60 percent of the content, increased engagement by 40 percent, and established the Twitter page as one of the top ten most followed veterinary colleges pages in the U.S. I was the lead contributor for the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages, as well as the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Facebook page, which have a collective audience of more than 25,000 followers. I also managed 11 other LSU SVM related pages, which included creating a monthly social media summary and report for page administrators and managers. 

My other responsibilities at the LSU SVM included writing, editing, and distributing press releases that have been featured in People Magazine online, Newsweek, the Independent U.K., the Advocate, BR Proud, and Outbreak News Today, among others. In 2017, I wrote 60 percent of the press releases and ensured the school's website was up-to-date with all the media release content. I also created marketing campaigns, conducted communication and social media research, filmed and produced promotional videos, as well as created content for three separate newsletters, which have an average open rare of 54 percent. Through my experience with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I created promotional items including brochures, flyers, invitations, banners, among other items for the hospital and veterinary school. 

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Social Media

Shortly after I began working at the LSU SVM, I took full charge of the social media strategy: organizing a detailed content calendar, designating days for certain content, posting regularly, doubling the Facebook page likes, and increasing reach by 113 percent. I also established a strong Instagram presence, maintained a consistent Twitter profile, introduced the school to Snapchat, and organized a LinkedIn page. All the accounts have consistent engagement rates, which are tracked monthly in a social media report I submit to the administration and the school's dean.  

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Media Relations

Media relations was such a thrilling part of the job. I enjoyed creating engaging and attractive content in both print or digital forms, as well as working with media professionals to accurately and positively promote the LSU SVM. Having written over 150 press releases and stories, I gained the attention from popular media outlets including People Magazine, Outbreak News Today, BR ProudLouisiana Radio Network, the Advocate and WAFB, among others. The content varied from research and innovation, to success stories and community outreach awareness.



During my time at the LSU SVM I was a contributing writer for five different annual and quarterly magazines. My experience in the tourism industry taught me to have different writing styles depending on my audience. One of the features I wrote garnered the attention of a book publisher and is now a published children's book. I have also provided content for the LSU Foundation's quarterly magazine, Cornerstone. Aside from magazine publications, I distributed two different weekly newsletters to internal audiences, as well as a monthly newsletter to external audiences. 



While I had no formal photography training, I do have a good eye for detail, which allowed me to take quality photos that were used for LSU SVM website promotion, advertisements, publications, and other features. I also created multiple videos using the Filmora software and am familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro. Click here to view my videos. Click below to access my Flickr account and see examples of my photography skills.  


Graphic Design 

While working at the LSU SVM, I learned so much about the Adobe Suite applications and became certified in Photoshop and InDesign. I am not a graphic design professional, but I do know enough to create ascetically-pleasing banners, flyers, tri-fold brochures, logos, edit head shots and other photos, and create the layout for print publications and booklets. Some of my work was used for advertisements, in letters sent to LSU SVM donors, for event promotions, and more.