Freelance Overview

I began working for Odin and Thor, former animal actors, in May 2017. While I was vacationing in Ireland, I went on a Game of Thrones tour and met the owners of two original Stark Direwolves, which are in reality two Northern Inuit dogs. The owners explained that their dogs were just puppies when they were selected by HBO agents to train with HBO trainers for season one of Game of Thrones. Odin and Thor played Summer and Grey Wind, which were Robb and Bran Stark's Direwolves.

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Since then, the dogs travel with their owners to tours that visit former Game of Thrones filming locations, as well as meet fans and do appearances. While discussing my PR experience, the owners asked if I would be interested in working with Odin and Thor to expand their popularity. With only working for the dogs for two months, I have already seen tremendous success in promotional efforts. The dogs will be at Dublin Comic Con, August 11 - 13, 2017, due to my outreach efforts on their behalf. They have also initiated in several new partnerships that would have been unlikely until now due to the availability the owners had to commit to the dogs' publicity. 

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Odin and Thor have a strong presence in the media and continue to amaze fans in articles written by media outlets including BuzzfeedIrish MirrorBelfast LiveSky NewsThe Irish Sun, and Other publicity efforts include a photo shoot with National Geographic and made an appearance at the Tyrone Husky Rescue charity event to help raise awareness and money. Before working with Odin and Thor, there was no consistent branding, but now there is a strong logo, pop-up banners, business cards and leaflets for promotional use. I also had customized paw print stamps made in order to give fans "paw-tographs." 


Social Media 

The social media presence for Odin and Thor was already strong before I started working with them, but since becoming an admin, I have doubled the average monthly amount of Facebook and Instagram new likes and increased engagement by initiating conversations with followers. I also routinely monitor the content and make sure all content is grammatically correct and accurate. All the social media pages now have consistent platform handles, whereas before working with me the page names were all different. Feel free to follow their pages. 

Facebook: /GOTDirewolves                                                                               Instagram: @GoTDirewolves                                                                               Twitter: @GoTDirewolves


Appearances and Partnerships 

While working as their publicist, I secured several partnerships with diverse business to broaden my client's scope and social presence. These partnerships include a social media partnership with Premium Canine dog bakery and several Game of Thrones popular fan pages, as well as a marketing and sales promotion with DivvyUp Socks and Carlton Publishing Group. Due to my efforts as their publicist, I was able to secure the dogs a booth at Dublin Comic Con, August 11 - 13, 2017, where they met over 1,000 fans and made a substantial profit from sales.